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SiBreaX core business offerings and business areas

  • Stimulus responsive nano-/microcarriers for compound formulation and targeted delivery

  • Drug development based on improved targeted drug delivery and novel therapeutic approaches

  • Nanocomposite hydrogels for medical, topical and life sciences applications

SiBreaX Compound Delivery Platform

Degradable nano-/microcarriers for compound delivery

  • Carriers with high load factor including complex compounds
  • Targeted delivery via size and functionalization of the particles
  • Controlled, efficient release of the cargo at the desired site
  • Full biocompatibility (non-toxic, fast excretion)

SiBreaX employs the platform to develop and enable

  • Formulation and protection of complex compounds
  • Drug/compound delivery for targeted action
  • Novel therapeutics based on targeted delivery

SiBreaX Nanocomposite Hydrogels

Injectable, biocompatible nanocomposite hydrogels

  • High mechanical stability and elasticity
  • High biocompatibility fostering cell growth
  • Self-healing, highly elastic hydrogels
  • Injectable, transparent gels

SiBreaX develops hydrogels for various applications

  • Matrices to support surgeries and wound healing
  • Topical applications (cosmetics, matrices)
  • Matrices for life sciences applications (cell growth)

SiBreaX compound/drug delivery platform

Formulation / Encapsulation

Encapsulate active compounds in dispersible nano-/microparticles

  • Tailored silicate-based particles
  • Dispersible, highly stable particles
  • Biocompatible, non-toxic particles
  • High load factor incl. complex cargo
    – Hydrophilic small molecules
    – Hydrophobic small molecules
    – Peptides
    – Proteins
    – RNA, DNA, and PNA

Targeting and delivery

Controlled targeting of tissues and compound delivery to target cells

  • Controlled targeting of tissues and cells via particle size and functionalization of particle surfaces
    – Intracellular targeting
    – Blood stream cells targeting
    – Liver cell targeting
    – Lung tissue targeting
    – Skin targeting

Controlled release

Controlled release of compounds, fast degradation and excretion

  • Controlled release of compounds/ cargo at the targeted site of action via molecular release triggers
    – Intracellular release
    – Enzymatic activation
    – Release within blood stream
    – Intragastric release
  • Controlled degradation for fast excretion without accumulation

SiBreaX compound delivery platform to facilitate the delivery of any compound to any desired tissue/target site

SiBreaX nanocomposite hydrogels

Highly biocompatible nanocomposite hydrogels with …

Highly biocompatible hydrogels

  • High water content enabling diffusion
  • Cell growth on and within hydrogel matrix
  • Controlled degradation and excretion

Highly elastic, mechanically strong material

  • Tunable elasticity
  • Tunable mechanical strong material
  • Transparent hydrogels

Simple and versatile application and use

  • In-vivo/in-situ gelation (seconds)
  • Injectable via a syringe, 3D printable
  • Shape stable upon gelation

… numerous applications

Hydrogels tested pre-clinical with numerous commercial applications to be developed

  • Matrices for surgery support
  • Matrices for wound healing
  • Matrices for wound closure
  • Topical applications
  • Matrix for cell growth
  • Topical cosmetics applications
  • 3D printing

SiBreaX nanocomposite hydrogels as highly biocompatible matrices for medical, topical, and life sciences use

SiBreaX business areas: a broad range of applications


  • Formulation of complex compounds at high loads in dispersible nanocarriers
  • Controlled delivery of compounds to target tissues/cells to boost drug efficacy
  • Novel therapeutics (intracellular protein delivery, RNA, DNA, PNA) based on nanocarriers


  • Degradable hydrogels for medical and surgical applications
  • Matrices for wound healing and wound closure
  • Matrices for cell growth in life sciences research

Ag-Tech / spec. chemicals

  • Formulation of complex compounds with high load factor in dispersible nano-/microcarriers
  • High stability of nano-/microcarriers with protection of compounds from environment
  • Conditional release of compounds in target environment/tissue/organ to boost efficacy

Cosmetics/sp. applications

  • Formulation of complex compounds with controlled release of compounds
  • Hydrogels for topical applications
  • Variable, chiral nano-/microstructures as scaffolds for specialty chemical applications

SiBreaX value proposition: What we do and offer

Targeted drug/ compound formulation and delivery

We partner with companies to facilitate the formulation and delivery of valuable compounds

  • Formulate complex compounds enabling administration
  • Facilitate targeted delivery to boost efficacy and reduce side effects
  • Enable cellular uptake of drugs (peptides, RNA, DNA)
  • Controlled release of compounds at target sites

Development of novel therapeutic approaches

We develop or partner to develop novel innovative therapeutics based on targeted delivery

  • Focused drug development based on targeted drug delivery of novel innovative compounds (PNA, DNA, RNA, intracellular proteins)
  • Focused drug development leveraging drug substances for which improved targeted drug delivery adds significant additional value

Development of hydrogels for therapeutic applications

We develop or partner to develop novel innovative therapeutics based on nano-composite hydrogels

  • Focused development of hydrogels for selected medical applications (e.g., surgical applications, wound healing)
  • Focused development of hydrogels for topical applications (cosmetics) and life sciences applications (e.g., 3D cell growth)